The Basis for Our Ministry Model


Throughout Scripture, in both the Old and New Testaments, an age-integrated, multi-generational assembly was normative in God‘s covenant community.
God has unmistakably called believing parents—especially fathers—to the task of training their children in the Christian faith.
God has provided for his people through the ordinary means of grace which are: the preached Word, sacraments, and prayer.

The Philosophy of Our Ministry


Based on these three main reasons we believe that by God’s grace, pastors, Christian leaders, and church members alike must be willing to labor for an entire generation, and possibly see very little fruit, so that the next generation might build upon our predominant emphasis on the preeminence of God’s Word and his methodology in our life and ministry. Admittedly, no ministry model will guarantee family covenant faithfulness and a successful transfer of the apostolic faith to the next generation. Only the Holy Spirit can accomplish this. And yet, we can legitimately expect that a model predominantly shaped by principles and practices in Scripture, in concert with an ongoing commitment to trust in God’s wisdom and his Word, will facilitate greater multi-generational family covenant faithfulness.

Consequently, we believe that relational living in the twenty-first century begins with the family.
We structure ministries that facilitate and encourage people crossing over and getting to know other people.
Accordingly, the focus of this ministry model is not on how to establish family ministry as a main emphasis among several significant ministries in the church.

Our Ministry in Effect (Discipleship, Service, and Fellowship)


Many families, particularly parents, when selecting a church, are looking for a conventional youth ministry where a youth pastor or volunteers meet separately with the youth of the church for social interaction, activities and Bible study.  Consequently, we are sometimes asked, “What kind of youth ministry do you have?” Here at Faith Presbyterian, we promote, “youth in ministry,” providing discipleship, service and fellowship opportunities for our youth in addition to the primary means of grace (corporate worship and the sacraments).

Sunday School
Vacation Bible School
Bi-monthly Fellowship Meals (following morning worship)
Special Fellowship Meals
Audio Ministry
Ushering for Our Boys
Nursery for Our Girls
Music Ministry for those with musical abilities
Community Outreach