Faith Presbyterian has always been committed to the spreading of the gospel. We support international missionaries through our denomination’s affiliated missionary organization called World Witness. We also support a number of missionaries and organizations through direct financial support. 100% of the donations to the Sunday school offering are given to missions. It is a privilege to be a part of the missionary effort of our Lord Jesus Christ. Every Christian shares the privilege and responsibilities to both proclaim Christ and to demonstrate His lordship in the way we live the life He has given to us.
Also, we count it a blessing to be able to support others who have answered the call to “full-time Christian service.” As a connectional church, we recognize that what can be accomplished collectively is far greater than even the sum of the parts of the individual congregations. Therefore, our primary missionary support effort is focused through World Witness and our norm will be to only pick up missionaries under *World Witness. However, we know that God is not limited to working through one agency, therefore under special circumstances; we will give consideration to other missionaries.


The Session considers each applicant on an individual basis checking out the parent organization and using the following criteria:

  • Missionaries and ministries we already support (need increase)
  • Members of Faith who go into missionary work other than with World Witness
  • Those going out with World Witness
  • ARP’s not with World Witness
  • Local evangelistic and missionary organizations under some authority and financial accountability

Through our denomination, we offer numerous opportunities for short-term missions, World Witness Short Term Missions

We currently support two local ministries, which are not affiliated, with our denomination:
The Special Gathering, a ministry within the mentally challenged community.
Good News Jail & Prison Ministry, Brevard County