The early Church was excited for Christ. Even a cursory reading of The Acts of the Apostles clearly shows a people electrified by the Good News they heard. We are a Covenantal church; our intent is to remain primarily inclusive allowing God to work inside and through families as He designed. The objective of Faith’s Family Fellowship Groups is to unite small groups of families to support one another in prayer, growth in their knowledge of God, an outlet to express God-given spiritual gifts, and an opportunity to share the gospel beyond our Sunday morning and evening worship services. Faith’s Family Fellowship Groups are identified as a crucial discipleship ministry in our church and is fully supported by the session. An elder currently serving on the session is assigned to each group.


The Family Fellowship Groups follow our discipleship model.

  • Contacting – Identify opportunities to share the gospel with non-believers or those looking for a church home
  • Converting – Offer an invitation to our Sunday worship where the whole council of God is proclaimed
  • Disciple – Groups are to pray with one another, learn from one another, and enjoy one another
  • Service – Opportunities to serve include hosting the group and planning activities or “ice breakers”
  • Leader – Family Fellowship Groups provide members with an opportunity to lead others in prayer and teaching
  • Multiplier – Family Fellowship Groups encourage members to practice leading in small groups. Groups develop leadership skills required and much desired in officers of the church. Groups support service inside and outside the church and encourage the next generation of God’s people to assume their role as church leaders.

The session hopes to have Family Fellowship Groups in the following areas:

North Merritt Island
South Merritt Island
If you are interested in hosting or feel called to lead a Family Fellowship Group please contact the Pastor or an elder.